2017 Call to Action: Talking Points on Constitutional Amendment to Protect Public Lands

Talking Points on Constitutional Amendment to Better Protect Our Public Lands


Senate Joint Resolution 39, “Resolution Approving an Amendment to the State Constitution to Protect Real Property Held or Controlled by the State.” (S.J. 39) would help ensure that public lands are not given away, sold, or traded without adequate public input.  

BACKGROUND:  Last year the General Assembly passed a resolution that would place a referendum question on the ballot to amend the state constitution to better protect your public lands (state parks, forests, wildlife management areas, state-owned agricultural lands, etc.). This resolution has to be passed a second time by the General Assembly to make it on the ballot in 2018. 

Please ask your State Representative and Senator to sign-on as a co-sponsor of S.J. 39


  • Passage of S.J. 39 would provide the public with the opportunity to vote at the ballot box in 2018 on whether to amend the state constitution to better protect public lands.
  • State Parks and other public lands are important to our quality of life and strong economy. They protect our air and water, provide important wildlife habitat and offer us affordable places to visit and recreate.
  • Add your own personal message about why a certain State Park/Forest/Wildlife Management Area is special to you and your community.
  • State Parks and other public lands are investments worth protecting, attracting 8-9 million visitors/year, generating over $1 billion in revenues and supporting over 9,000 private sector jobs per year.  
  • Other states, including Maine, Massachusetts and New York have constitutional protections for their public lands. Please allow us to vote on whether to do the same in Connecticut.

Additional information and talking points may be found in a Frequently Asked Question paper and a one-pager prepared by the Connecticut Forest & Park Association.