2018 Connecticut Land Conservation Conference Handouts

Keynote Speaker David Vallee
PowerPoint Presentation

A.2 Land Trust Law School:  Lessons from the Field
PowerPoint Presentation
Connecticut Land Use and Environmental Laws
DEEP Public Hearing Petition
Encroachment Complaint
Encroachment Report
Standards and Practices Disclaimer Adoption
Statutes Pertaining to Farmers and Farmers' Markets

A.3 Realistic Success:  Invasives Case Studies for Practical Land Trust Management
PowerPoint Presentation

A.4 Growing Collective Capacity Through Durable Collaboration
Growing Collective Capacity Through Durable Collaboration

A.5 Regional Conservation Partnerships:  Collaborative Conservation and the Wildlands and Woodlands Initiative
PowerPoint Presentation -1
PowerPoint Presentation - 2
PowerPoint Presentation - 3

A.6 Farmland Preservation: Part I - Leasing Basics & Part II - Engaging Young Farmers
PowerPoint Presentation
How Land Trusts Can Protect America's Working Farms (NYFC)

A.7 Doing Deals 101
PowerPoint Presentation

A.9 Kiosks and Waysides:  Beyond the Bulletin Board
PowerPoint Presentation

A.11 Strategic Planning - First Steps in Preparing Your Fundraising Strategies
PowerPoint Presentation

A.12 Automating Your Monitoring with the Latest UAS Technology
PowerPoint Presentation

A.13 Smartphone Apps for Field Data Maps
PowerPoint Presentation
Bringing Epicollect Data into Google Maps
Bringing Track Kit Data into Google Maps
Epicollect5 Reference Guide
Track Kit Reference Guide

B.2 Stewardship 101
PowerPoint Presentation

B.3 Basic Practices in Trail Building
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B.4 Greenwich Land Trust Youth Corps:  A Case Study in Youth Conservation Work Initiatives
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B.5 Making Conservation Matter to More People, Over Time
PowerPoint Presentation
Ten Tips for Doing Great Community Conservation WorkB.5 Making Conservation Matter to More People, Over Time
Worksheet - Making Conservation Matter to More People, Over Time

B.7 Giving Yourself an Out:  Knowing When to Say No!
PowerPoint Presentation

B.8  Partnership Opportunities with CT Dept. of Agriculture and USDA-NRCS
PowerPoint Presentation

B.9 Leaders Are Made Not Born:  Building and Empowering Your Board
PowerPoint Presentation

C.1 Preparing for Renewable Energy Projects
PowerPoint Presentation

C.2 Dogs, Vandals, Trash and Parking:  Challenges/Headaches for the Preserve Steward
PowerPoint Presentation

C.3 Climate Adaptation in Coastal Connecticut
PowerPoint Presentation
CIRCA Living Shores Fact Sheet
Coastal Site Evaluation Form

C.5 Connecticut is Buzzing:  Making Your Land a Favorite Stop on the Pollinator Pathway
PowerPoint Presentation 1
PowerPoint Presentation 2
A Citizen's Guide to Creating Pollinator Habitat in Connecticut
Ground Nesting Bees
Highstead Riparian Buffer System
Planting Flowers for Bees in Connecticut
Pollinator Educational Events in Connecticut 2018
Proper Timing to Mow Native Plant Meadows Can Protect Pollinator Habitat
Protecting Pollinators from Pesticides
Resource List for Pollinator Habitat and Pesticides

C.6 Connect with More People, Raise Funds, Inspire a Love for Your Land Trust with e-News, Newsletters, and Inexpensive Outreach
PowerPoint Presentation
These Seven Donor Newsletter Flaws are Killing You
Venn Diagram Content Donor-Centered Writing

C.9 Succession Planning
Sustainable Leadership Through Succession Planning

C.10 Record Keeping Basics
PowerPoint Presentation

C.11 Really, Another Plan? How to Make Fundraising Planning Fit
PowerPoint Presentation

C12  GIS Mapping for Birds and People
PowerPoint Presentation - 1
PowerPoint Presentation - 2

D.1 CLCC ALPS Program:  Yes! Your Land Trust Can Lobby
ALPS Program Handout
CLCC 2017 Legislative Primer

D.2 Tick Talk
PowerPoint Presentation

D.3  Wetlands Restoration
PowerPoint Presentation

D.5 Working with Communities of Mountain Bikers
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D.9 Overwhelmed?  This Can Help!
PowerPoint Presentation
NLT Annual Checklist
NLT Annual Meeting Checklist
NLT Board Meeting Checklist
NLT Conservation Easement Monitoring - Office Checklist

D.10 Encouraging Donors to Make Lifetime and Legacy Gifts to Land Trusts
PowerPoint Presentation

D.11 Inform Your Land Conservation Priorities Using DEEP Natural Resources Spatial Layers
PowerPoint Presentation

D.12 About My Woods - Smartphone App
About My Woods Website

D.14 Inform, Engage, and Inspire with Story Maps!
PowerPoint Presentation