3/14 - Public Hearing Monday to Protect Public Lands

Public Hearing Monday (3/14) to Protect Public Lands

Your Testimony is Needed!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Government Administration and Elections Committee
Legislative Office Building (LOB) - Room 2A - 1:00pm
Hartford, CT 06106

On Monday, March 14, the Government Administration and Elections (GAE) Committee is holding an important public hearing on two bills which will directly impact our public lands. 

YOUR TESTIMONY IS NEEDED!  (Instructions are below)

SUPPORT! Senate Joint Resolution 36 (SJ 36) would amend the State Constitution to better protect our public conservation, recreation and agricultural lands.  SJ 36 is the second bill on this issue and includes requirements for a local public hearing, a Special Act, and two-thirds vote in the General Assembly for such conveyances to be approved.   More information on the Constitutional Amendment prepared by the Connecticut Forest & Park Association (CFPA) including talking points on the issue that you can use in your testimony is HERE.

OPPOSE!  The 2016 Conveyance Bill (Raised H.B.5619) is this year's bill used annually to transfer public lands for municipal and private use.  While some of the proposed transfers appear to be relatively benign, at least one is not. Unfortunately they are all bundled together into one bill.  CLCC is particularly concerned about: 


  • Section 8, which proposes a transfer, for no cost, of six parcels of land totaling 66 acres of coastal property from CT DEEP to the Town of Groton for "economic development, recreational and open space purposes".  The land is valuable for conservation, protects water quality and the viewshed of the Mystic River, and provides passive recreational opportunities.
  • Section 5, which would require a study evaluating state land in the context of local zoning and require recommendations to transfer such properties.  More information is needed to understand the intent behind that provision.
  • Please read the bill in its entirety. If there is a proposal for a land transfer in or near your community that you are concerned about, please submit testimony - and please let us know. 
Instructions for submitting testimony to the Government Administration and Elections Committee:
  • Email Your Testimony: Please email your testimony to gaetestimony@cga.ct.gov.

    (pdf format preferred), with "GAE Committee Testimony", the bill number(s), and "3/14" in subject line.  It's okay to comment on both bills in one letter.  Testimony must be received before 10:45am on 3/14.

  • Contact your Legislators: Send them a copy of your testimony. Click HERE to find your legislators' contact information. (Please copy us on your email too)

  • If you wish to attend the public hearing, please see CFPA's fact sheet for further instructions.

If you have any questions or need assistance with testimony, please contact CLCC Executive Director Amy B. Paterson.

Read the full eBlast HERE.