Add your Municipality to HB 5254

HB 5254 would enable towns to implement a local conveyance fee in order to support land conservation and stewardship! 

This option will only be available to towns explicitly named in the bill, so if your town would like to participate, please follow the steps below:

1. Have discussions with municipal leadership (town council, first selectmen, planning and zoning, etc) to gauge interest in the funding option. Here is more information on the bill.

2. The municipal CEO must contact your state legislators expressing the town's desire to participate. Here is a draft. Be sure to cc Executive Director Amy Blaymore Paterson on this communication (

3. Send the letter to the Environment Committee, where HB 5254 currently waits for a vote. 

3. Continue to urge your legislators and the Environment Committee to pass HB 5254!

So far over 15 towns and cities have signed on - yours could be next!

Thanks for your help in preserving Connecticut's open spaces!

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