Save the Date - February 27 is HB 5254 Call-In Day!

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Save the Date!

February 27 is HB 5254 Call-In Day!

TAKE ACTION | Weds. February 27

Ask your Legislators to Support Local Funding for Open Space by Voting "Yes" on HB 5254

HB 5254 is a bill that would allow, but not require, certain municipalities to establish up to a 1% buyer's conveyance fee on real estate purchases greater than $150,000 to fund: (1) purchase of local open space, forest and farmland, (including in cooperation with land trusts), (2) brownfield remediation, or (3) other environmental projects (including removal of invasives, trail maintenance, or protecting water resources). View more information >>

CURRENT STATUS OF HB 5254: The Environment Committee held a public hearing on HB 5254 on February 4 and may soon vote on the bill. While the testimony in favor of HB 5254 was overwhelmingly favorable, yet many legislators on the Environment Committee have not yet committed to supporting the bill. They and your legislators need to continue to hear from you.

Please join us on 2/27 for a call-in day for HB 5254!



  • If your legislator is a member of the Environment Committee, ask them to vote YES and copsponsor HB 5254. View sample email >>
  • For your other legislators, ask them to urge their colleagues on the Environment Committee to vote YES and co-sponsor HB 5254. View sample email >>

View a list of Environment Committee members and their emails >>

Find your Legislators and their contact information >>

View Senate and House Phone Numbers and Sample Message >>

Legislators are telling us they are still undecided!

We have spoken to many legislators who are uncertain whether to vote for HB 5254, mainly due to strong opposition being voiced by the realtors' lobby. 

They need to hear from YOU...again!

Please let your legislators know that it is important to you that they support a pilot program for a voluntary option to help fund local open space acquisition, stewardship and other environmental projects. 

Email your legislators today!

Mark your calendar for HB 5254 Call-In Day and watch for details!

Thank you!



Amy Blaymore Paterson, Esq. 

Executive Director

P.S. Approving HB 5254 should be a no-brainer! Participation in the bill is voluntary; adoption of the program by participating towns in optional; and it costs the state nothing! Other states allow towns this option. It's time for Connecticut to follow suit!



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