8/5 - Focus Group – Green Geek Squad

2016 Summer Focus Group

 Green Geek Squad

deKoven House, 27 Washington Street
Middletown, CT 06457

Friday, August 5, 2016
10:00am - 2:00pm

RSVP to abpaterson@ctconservation.org

Space is limited to 20 participants!

Join some of the finest green geeks in the state in a conversation facilitated by Connie Manes!


Are you mapping, tracking, modeling, tagging, geolocating, or otherwise overlaying digital information on your physical landscapes?

Have you looked at your land trust’s properties on Google Earth to scout out encroachments?

Have you held a phone up to the sky to call down a bird? Flown a drone? Put a camera on a turtle?

Do you find yourself saying “There’s an app for that”?


At the same time that many connect the rise of the screen to the demise of outdoor recreation, others have embraced the digital and virtual realms and focused on creative innovations in conservation planning, land management, and public engagement, reconnecting the natural world to cutting-edge technology. If you belong to the latter group (or, if it excites rather than scares you) you may be a Green Geek. And if you like sharing how you are using technology in your conservation work, you’ll want to join CLCC’s 2016 Summer Focus Group - the Green Geek Squad. 

The purpose of the CLCC Focus Group Series is twofold:  (i) to provide peer-to-peer networking among individuals serving in similar functions who might not otherwise have the opportunity to meet, and facilitate sharing and brainstorming; and (ii) to gather information and gain a better understanding of how Connecticut’s land trusts are approaching aspects of land trust work – in this case using technology to fulfill their mission and do really cool stuff. This year’s focus group is open to board, staff, volunteers, and consultants who can’t get enough of their devices and gadgets employed in the name of conservation. 

Participants will discuss use of GIS mapping applications for stewardship monitoring and land management, citizen science projects and community engagement, wildlife species research and tracking, climate change projection tools, and more – let us know what technology has been most exciting and helpful to you! 

The Geek Squad Focus Group is scheduled for Friday, August 5 from 10:00am to 2:00pm at the deKoven House, 27 Washington St., Middletown, CT.  

The discussion will be facilitated by Connie Manes and include guest appearances and demos by recognized conservation tecchies, including Maribeth Chassey, Conservation Easement Manager, Weantinoge Heritage Land Trust, Harry White, Ecologist/Conservation Director, Cornwall Conservation Trust, Salisbury Association Land Trust, and Sharon Land Trust and Cary Chadwick and/or David Dickson, UConn Center for Land Use Education and Research (CLEAR). 

Ultimately we hope to be able to demonstrate the powerful and complementary uses of technology in conservation work, make recommendations for programs and applications of greatest impact, and encourage others who are not currently using technology in their work to give it a try. We will be producing a written report and will present our findings at the 2017 Connecticut Land Conservation Conference in March. 

Lunch will be provided. Space is limited to 20 participants so please register as soon as possible.   Cost is FREE for CLCC members and $25 for non-members. 

Please direct any questions and/or RSVP to Amy at abpaterson@ctconservation.org.