2020 Connecticut Land Conservation Conference Panelist Raei Bridges

Raei Bridges Outside

Raei Bridges
Founder & CEO, The Rusty Anvil & Co-chair Berkshire Branch NAACP Environmental and Climate Justice Committee

Saving Our Forests: Clean Air During COVID and Climate Change

Presentation Description

Our state’s forests are an invaluable and free public health resource. As we work through this pandemic, forests provide us with the escape we need to find serenity and simply breathe amidst the disruptions in our lives. Forests strengthen immune function, decrease stress, and may act as a buffer to disease generation and development. For the earth, forests not only protect biodiversity but are among our strongest defenses against climate change. Yet, as we face these mounting crises, forests continue to be threatened by destruction, deforestation and land conversion, globally and here at home, with far reaching consequences, particularly for communities that are subject to environmental injustices and inequitable access to vital natural resources. Now more than ever we need to work together to ensure that public and private forest lands are conserved, protected, and accessible for all to enjoy for generations to come. 

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Effect of forest bathing trips on human immune function - Qing Li, Department of Hygiene and Public Health, Nippon Medical School, Jan. 2010


Raei Bridges (he/they) is a mindful outdoor guide and wilderness first responder and the Founder of The Rusty Anvil. Through this organization he focuses on connecting people of color and LGBTQ+ communities to nature as a partner in ancestral healing, self-discovery, and community building through mindful wilderness trips while also serving as a platform for cultural transformation. He serves as co-chair of the Environmental and Climate Justice Committee with the Berkshire Branch NAACP and works with the Elizabeth Freeman Center's LGBTQ+ Committee, and the Berkshire Pride Committee. When Raei is not working he is exploring the woods with his pup Rex enjoying the moss with his bare feet, or constructing baskets from pine bark. 

Where to Find Raei Bridges

Email Raei@the-rusty-anvil.land | Website the-rusty-anvil.land


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