Celebrating the Community Investment Act

894 projects in 157 towns for a total of $122.5 million given back to Connecticut

As funding programs go, the Community Investment Act (CIA) has done it all!  Enacted with tremendous bipartisan support in 2005, the CIA provides increased funding for state programs for open space, farmland/dairy production, historic properties and affordable housing projects as well as for important municipal capital improvement initiatives.  For land conservation, the CIA is critical to the viability of the Open Space and Watershed Land Acquisition Program.

Celebrating the New Haven Land Trust's English St. Community Garden with Senator Martin Looney and Mayor Toni Harp

To celebrate the remarkable success of the CIA program, CLCC and our coalition partners are hosting a series of tours of several CIA project success stories from around the state.  Joined by members of the Senate and House leadership, local officials, and representatives of the community and non-profit organizations that have worked to make these projects happen, these events showcase the impact that the CIA has had upon our quality of life and local economies - providing across the board protection and enhancement of the natural, historic and cultural resources that make our communities so special.

Senator Bob Duff joins us at the Lockwood-Mathews Mansion Museum in Norwalk

Join us at our next CIA event!  On December 3 at 1pm, Rep. Joe Aresimowicz will join us at the Southington Community Cultural Arts Building.
Please contact me for further information.

Protecting the level and integrity of the Community Investment Act is an annual priority for CLCC. Please join us!

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