CLCC 2012 Legislative Agenda

 As the voice of the conservation community at the state Capitol, CLCC adopts a "Conservation Agenda" each year. CLCC's ongoing priorities in 2012 include securing adequate funding for conservation, including the Open Space and Watershed Land Acquisition Grant Program, through bonding and by protecting the level and integrity of the Community Investment Act, establishing a centralized registry for protected lands, researching the most effective legal mechanisms for permanently protecting conservation lands and supporting sustainable working forests and agricultural lands.

The 2012 legislation session is known as the short session. Sessions held in the odd number years are five months in length convening in the first week in January and concluding on the first Wednesday in June. The short session begins in early February and adjourns the first week in May. With all 187 seats in both the States House and Senate up for election every two years the short session gives members a chance to start the campaigns before the state conventions begins in late May.

In the short session committee deadlines occur much quicker, therefore advocates need to be prepared to move their agendas even before session begins in February otherwise even the best proposals may find themselves lost because of a missed deadline. In the short session, the General Assembly may introduce approximately 3,000 bills as compared to about 5,000 bills in the long session. Of those 3,000 bills less than 10-percent will be signed into law by the Governor.

CLCC’s Executive Director and members of its Advocacy Committee began working with the administration and legislators in advance of the current session and will continue to support programs important to you and critical to land conservation. If you have any questions about CLCC’s 2012 Conservation Agenda, please contact Amy Paterson at 860-685-0785 or at

2012 CLCC Legislative Agenda