Community Investment Act Under Attack Again! Funding for Open Space Grant Program at Risk!

Governor’s Deficit Mitigation Plan includes $4.5 million sweep of
DEEP's Community Investment Act funds

Governor Malloy's FY 2017 Deficit Mitigation Plan, released on May 10, proposes a sweep of the Community Investment Act (CIA) fund, including $4.5 million from DEEP's current fiscal year open space grant account.  This proposed sweep comes on top of the current 50% cut to  CIA funds, which is to sunset on June 30, 2017. However, with budget negotiations in full swing, the fate of that sunset is not at all secure, r aising serious concerns about the future of the fund.

The deficit mitigation plan also calls for more than $1 million in immediate cuts to DEEP and more than $7.7 million in transfers from the agency's funds and accounts -- with details regarding the same under evaluation.  Please stay tuned.   

We understand the very difficult cuts and decisions the General Assembly must make in efforts to close the budget gap in the current fiscal year and in crafting a new biennial budget.  However, raiding the CIA will only do more harm than good by cutting off a source of funding and reinvestment for our communities, while defeating the very purpose of having a dedicated fund.

Please take action to oppose the raid on the CIA!

Please contact your state legislators and ask them to oppose cuts to the CIA and to communicate their opposition to the leadership of their respective caucuses.

Find your state legislators' contact information HERE.

If you have already contacted your legislators in support of the CIA this session, THANK YOU! And if they have voiced support for protecting the fund, please THANK THEM AGAIN!Either way, your legislators need to hear from you again!  (And please bcc us at

Talking Points in Support of the Community Investment Act

  • The CIA is a Dedicated Fund -- It Should be Respected as Such!  The CIA was established as a DEDICATED REVENUE SOURCE OUTSIDE OF THE BUDGET to provide consistent funding for reinvestment into our communities for open space, farmland/dairy support, historic properties, and affordable housing programs. 
  • Raiding Dedicated Funds Violates the Public Trust!  The public counts on dedicated funds as a consistent source of revenue in support of important programs, irrespective of tough fiscal times. 
  • The CIA Benefits all Communities!  Funded through a $40 surcharge on local recording fees, the CIA has invested over $153 million for 1,400 projects across all four sectors in 168 Connecticut towns -- and the numbers continue to increase!
  • The CIA is Critical to Land Conservation! The CIA is the only consistent source of funding for the Open Space & Watershed Land Acquisition Grant Program (OSWA).  The continued cuts to CIA funds jeopardizes the amount of money available for the current grant round (applications submitted as of February 2, 2017) and the very future of the OSWA program.
  • The CIA is an Economic Driver!  CIA investments boost local and state economies (projects have contributed to the viability of the $873 million outdoor recreation industry and the $3.5 billion agricultural industry).
  • The CIA Leverages $$$! CIA investments leverage millions of matching funds.
  • The CIA = Jobs!  CIA projects have created over 3,000 jobs in affordable housing and historic preservation, and over 28,000 jobs in the agricultural industry.
  • Visit the CIA website for more information.

Thank you for taking action!

The Connecticut Land Conservation Council advocates for land conservation, stewardship and funding, and works to ensure the long term strength and viability of the land conservation community.

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