Disappointment and Resolve

Amy testifyingTestifying in support of HB 5254 at the Environment Committee public hearing on February 4.

This week the Environment Committee voted to pass certain bills, and unfortunately, HB 5254 was not one of them.

One of CLCC’s top conservation priorities, the bill enables a pilot group of towns to adopt a buyer’s conveyance fee program to fund open space and farmland acquisition, stewardship, and other environmental projects. 
While frustrated and disappointed by this setback, we will continue to explore with legislators and the administration other avenues to pursue a municipal land conservation and stewardship funding option. Stay tuned.
We applaud the leadership and foresight of the 15 towns that asked to be included in this pilot program as well as your consistent efforts in advocating for the bill’s passage.
HB 5254 generated more public support for a municipal open space funding option than ever before, which bodes well for our continuing efforts to advance the proposal.
Thank you for continuing to be vocal, strong and relentless in your advocacy in support of policies that will protect our land, water, and other natural resources.  Onward!
Amy Blaymore Paterson, Esq.
Executive Director