Executive Director - Farmington Land Trust

Job Description:

The Executive Director will provide leadership and work with the Land Trust’s
Board of Directors, committees, volunteers and others to:
1. Help increase membership by whatever means work best, including: mailings, press releases, electronic media, newsletters, personal contacts, surveys, etc.
2. Effect the publication of a semi-annual newsletter, to increase awareness of the FLT, thus increasing membership and funding.
3. Implement a development plan and serve as the lead contact for donors.
4. Further increase fundraising by increased attention to local industry and other groups.
5. Expand the public’s awareness of the purpose of the FLT by seeking gifts of land or easements, and resources for land management.
6. Keep in contact with other groups and organizations to improve the effectiveness of our efforts.
7. Work with the town to keep both of us aware of land preservation issues and opportunities.
8. Help the organization do whatever else we can to make the FLT a larger, more effective force now and in perpetuity.

The Executive Director serves at the pleasure of the board of directors and reports to the board at least monthly and as requested by the board or the executive committee.

We estimate that the position will require approximately 10 – 20 hours of work per week, although there may be times when the activity of the organization requires substantially more time be devoted. Administrative staff to support the responsibility for day-to-day operations is not available at this time; however, with increased funding the organization may be able to provide such assistance.

Interested candidates should contact:
Richard A. Kramer, President