For the Landowner

Hawk Hill Farm, Photo Credit Vikkie Reski (1st Place, 2017 OSWA Photo Contest)

Conserving your land is one of the most valuable legacies you can leave for your family and future generations.   As you consider conserving your land, there are several important questions to keep in mind.  Careful planning early on can help the process move smoothly, resulting in the conservation results most suited to your needs and wishes.

  • What will happen if the land is transferred to another owner?
  • Do you have any family members that are or will be interested in owning and using it?
  • Will future owners appreciate this special place, and will they care for it as you have?
  • Can the uses of the land be converted, and, if so, can its special features be maintained?

While exploring your conservation options and working with a land conservation organization, there are several considerations that will form the most suitable conservation technique, including the conservation values of the property, your conservation goals, your financial situation, and the needs and interests of your family.  It is important to keep these issues in mind as you peruse the information resources available on this website.

Resources available in this section include:

  • Information Resources Library - the entire CLCC catalog of sample documents, articles, presentations, links and downloads, searchable by topic.
  • Conservation Options - This section provides information available on a variety of conservation techniques to help you conseve your land.
  • Tax Considerations - Information for potential tax advantages of conserving your property are made available here. This is for educational purposes only - landowners must consult their own attorney and tax advisor.

Protecting the Land You Love - A Conservation Primer for Landowners 

Rachel Plawecki and Anthony Mecum, graduate students at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, developed a booklet for landowners who love their land and want to learn more about options for permanent protection and what to expect during the conservation process.  Throughout the booklet, you can read real stories and advice from landowners who have conserved their own special places.  The booklet is available for download below.  A limited number of hard copies are available from CLCC.  Contact CLCC Executive Director Amy B. Paterson for more information at  The students and the primer were featured on a WNPR interview with Patrick Skahill.  Click HERE to listen to the audio.  

Due to the complexity and importance of land conservation decisions and transactions, we highly encourage landowners to consult an attorney and tax advisor for advice on these questions.  Just as each piece of land is unique, so is each landowner’s interests and needs in conserving their own special place.