Information on Powerline Right-of-Way Vegetation Management Available

Posted May 25, 2019


If an Eversource  powerline runs through one of your preserves, than the right-of-way probably provides important habitat for rare and declining species of plants and animals that require open habitats.  When Eversource alerts you that they will be managing vegetation on the right-of-way, you have the opportunity to meet with a vegetation manager to discuss how this can be accomplished while minimizing impacts to important habitats.  


View two reports, authored by Robert Askins, Professor Emeritus of Biology, Connecticut College and the Connecticut Botanical Society, respectively, which describe proven methods for maintaining transmission lines while preserving a biologically rich plant community dominated by native shrubs, grasses and wildflowers. Click on the links below to access the reports:


In early April 2019, Eversource hosted a forum on their vegetation management practices for several environmental stakeholder groups concerned with varying taxa (birds, plants, amphibians, reptiles, etc.) at their campus in Berlin, CT.  


A second forum is scheduled for August 12, 2019. View details here >>