Land Conservation Advocates -- THANK YOU!! SJ 35 Passes!

You made this happen!

Great News! Yesterday evening, after a long day of uncertainty and behind the scenes negotiations, SJ 35 passed the House by a 118-32 vote -- enough to place the public lands protection question on the ballot in November. 
You Made This Happen! Your continuous emails, calls, and presence at the Capitol ABSOLUTELY made the difference!
Please thank your State Legislators! Although there were Legislators who ultimately did not agree to support SJ35, the debate was thoughtful and respectful, with many other land conservation (and other important priorities) in play.
Full 2018 Session Update Coming Soon
Although our most recent action alerts focused on SJ 35 (and we apologize for flooding your inbox this week – but we hope you agree that it was worth it!), there were other land conservation initiatives we were intensely working on at the Capitol throughout the session. A full legislative update is in the works, but know that there were no additional cuts to the Community Investment Act fund in the final Budget adjustment - another really important reason to thank your Legislators.
Join us this Summer to Celebrate Land Conservation
CLCC and our local partners are planning a series of land trust site visits around the state this Summer to celebrate your OSWA/CIA projects and other conservation success stories with State legislators, other elected officials, land trust representatives, and members of your community. All are invited to join us! Schedule coming soon.
We can’t thank you enough for your support, partnership and leadership, and all you do every day to advance land conservation throughout the state.  
Amy Blaymore Paterson, Esq.
Executive Director


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