Legislative Agenda

Highland Park, Photo Credit Susan Barlow

Each year, CLCC adopts a set of state and federal legislative priorities from those initiatives brought to its Policy & Advocacy Committee by CLCC members. In order for CLCC to endorse a proposal, there must be at least one member organization, in addition to CLCC, who will take the lead on lobbying for the initiative. The Policy & Advocacy Committee then determines in which of three categories each of the initiatives it endorses is placed:

  • top priorities on which the CLCC's Executive Director and lobbyist will work, and on which we will testify and engage our grassroots network;
  • those proposals on which CLCC will testify and engage our grassroots; and
  • those which we will monitor and about which we will inform our members.

CLCC’s “Conservation Agendas” for 2012-2018 are available below.