More Action Needed to Save CEQ

It's time to contact the leadership of the Appropriations Committee

Say NO to the elimination of the Council on Environmental Quality!

As you know, the Governor's budget proposes ZERO funding for the Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ), and H.B. 7051, a budget implementer bill, repeals Connecticut General Statutes section 22a-11 (the statute establishing CEQ) and removes all references to CEQ from the statutes.

LAST MONTH, we asked you to submit testimony to the GAE Committee and to contact your legislators asking them to oppose the elimination of CEQ; and YOU RESPONDED! THANK YOU!

NOW, the fate of CEQ rests with the leadership of the Appropriations Committee, which is reviewing subcommittee reports on budget items; and WE NEED YOUR HELP AGAIN!

Please contact the leadership of the Appropriations Committee and ask that they restore funding to the CEQ budget.

With rollbacks of federal environmental laws and drastic cuts proposed to the EPA budget, it has never been more important to STAND UP for the agencies that protect our environment and public health right here at home. Thank you AGAIN for taking action!

With appreciation -

Amy Blaymore Paterson, Executive Director

Please Act Today!

ACTION: Contact the following leaders of the Appropriations Committee and ask that they restore funding for CEQ.
Senator Paul Formica, Co-Chair:
Senator Catherine Osten, Co-Chair:
Representative Toni Walker, Co-Chair:
Representative Melissa Ziobron, Ranking Member:


  • I oppose the elimination of CEQ.
  • CEQ is the state's only independent environmental watch-dog agency.
  • Since 1971, CEQ has provided the public with objective and independent oversight of the state's environment efficiently, effectively and at minimal cost ($174,000) to the state.
  • Acting through its volunteer council and just two staff, with limited support from DEEP for administrative purposes only, CEQ services include: The Environmental Monitor (project information for the public under the CT Environmental Policy Act and for notices of proposed transfers of land), Annual Reports on Environmental Quality, Special Reports (most recently, “Energy Sprawl in Connecticut” …), monthly meetings and an opportunity for citizens to lodge complaints and otherwise voice concerns.
  • There is likely no state agency that does so much for so little.
  • For the sake of our environment and public health now and for future generations, please restore funding to the budget for CEQ.

Please cc your legislators. (Find your legislators and their contact info HERE)

Please bcc

Thank you for taking action!

The Connecticut Land Conservation Council advocates for land conservation, stewardship and funding, and works to ensure the long term strength and viability of the land conservation community.

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