Nature has a way of doing that.

June 25, 2018 - Amy Blaymore Paterson

This past Saturday was misty and at times rainy, but that didn’t stop a crowd of people from showing up for the Branford Land Trust’s 50th anniversary celebration, which included a dedication of the Red Hill Woods Preserve and a guided hike on the new bog walk. (Links to more details and photos below in “Land Trusts in the News”)
Many of us, while walking single file along the bog walk, had never met before. After a couple of minutes, everyone was chatting. 
We marveled at the effort and teamwork it took to build the boardwalk, were awestruck by the landscape (including towering mountain laurel), photographed each other by the gigantic rock outcrops, and, more than once, reminded ourselves that this incredible preserve was just a stone’s throw from I-95.  
We started the walk as strangers and we ended it as friends. Nature has a way of doing that.
Summer is a wonderful time to build connections with nature and each other. Enjoy it all!
Amy Blaymore Paterson, Esq.
Executive Director
P.S. The acquisition of the Red Hill Woods Preserve was supported in part by an Open Space & Watershed Land Acquisition Grant (OSWA), with funding from the Community Investment ActView additional photos on Facebook.
Amy June Blog Photo