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2019 Challenge Match Campaign is Underway!

This fall, you can make sure conservation gets a boost statewide by leveraging a $20,000 matching grant to support CLCC’s work with land trusts, communities, and policy leaders throughout Connecticut.

This year your new or increased gift will leverage an additional $20,000 matching grant. That means we can double our efforts to serve land trusts, commissions, and their communities - and ensure we increase the pace of conservation. 

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Your contribution will…

Conserve More Land and Water for Healthier Communities

  • We will be able to work with communities and partnerships, the land trusts and conservation commissions in Connecticut  -- conserving the lands we all love and need.
  • Because of you, CLCC will be able to continue to provide the technical training and support, as well as organize community conversations and gatherings, to increase land protection across the state.  
  • Urban, rural, and suburban communities will be able to conserve lands central to their quality of life. CLCC will continue to update the Model Conservation Easement, and share conservation guides and templates to reflect changing approaches to policy and conservation.

Inspire Collaborative Partnerships and Shared Learning 

  • Your gift means that CLCC can continue to build regional collaborative relationships, host the largest state-wide conference in Connecticut as well as more targeted land conservation summits and focus groups throughout the year.
  • For many land trusts, town officials, and conservation commissions these are the only trainings they have access to that will provide the skills and sense of community needed to conserve and manage critical lands across the state.

Send a Message

  • Your support is why we can maintain a strong presence at the Capitol on behalf of the state’s land conservation community -- meeting with legislators, testifying at public hearings, and working with our statewide partners to ensure that land conservation is a priority for the legislature, the Governor, and his administration. We are your conservation voice.

Thank you for taking action to conserve, and care for, the lands and waters we all cherish.
Your gift matters.