Opportunity to Comment on Proposed Budget Cuts

Public Hearing
Appropriations Committee
Conservation & Development Subcommittee
Wednesday, February 10, 2016
Legislative Office Building (LOB) Room 2C
Hartford, CT 06106

The Governor's FY2017 Midterm Budget Adjustments proposes a 5.75% cut to the budgets of most state agencies, including the Department of Energy & Environmental Protection (DEEP).

Here's what we know

The proposed budget follows a lump-sum, block-grant structure, shifting oversight of line item spending to the agencies and the Governor's budget office; and it potentially eliminates 1,000s of state jobs.

Here's what we don't know

Without a break-out of line item funding, it is hard to know exactly which DEEP programs or jobs will be impacted by the 5.75% cut.

So what can you do?


If you are concerned about the potential impacts of these proposed cuts on land conservation programs and the staff at DEEP that oversee those programs, please share your concerns with the Conservation & Development Subcommittee members and your state legislators:

  • Email Your Testimony: Please email your testimony to APPtestimony@cga.ct.gov (word or pdf format), with "Conservation and Development Testimony, 2/10/16" in subject line.

  • Contact your Legislators: Send them a copy of your testimony. Click HERE to find your legislators' contact information. (Please copy CLCC on your email too)

  • Attend the Public Hearing: February 10, 2016, 6:30pm, Legislative Office Building, Room 2C

  • Speak at Public Hearing: If you wish to testify, the public speaker order for the public hearing will be determined by a lottery system. Public speaker testimony is limited to three minutes. Click HERE for instructions.

Parking at the LOB: Parking is free in the LOB garage, but you can no longer access the building via the 3rd floor. You need to enter in the front of 300 Capitol Ave. to get through security.