An Opportunity to Make a Difference

"[S]ince the start of 2020, wildfires in California have burned over 3.2 million acres of land—an area the size of Connecticut.” 

This staggering and tragic new normal will only worsen over time unless we take swift action to address climate change.

We have an opportunity right now to help make a difference.

This week, the seven working groups of the Governor’s Council on Climate Change (GC3) released their draft reports and recommendations for climate-related policies, kicking off a thirty-day public review and comment period. Here’s how you can get involved with this critical process:

I’ve been honored to serve as a member of the Forest Sub-Group of the Working and Natural Lands Working Group. I welcome your feedback on the Forests Report, and any other questions and comments you may have.

It has been heartening to see so many of you participating in the GC3 process. Thank you for caring, and for all you do.

Amy with dogsSincerely,

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P.S. At last week's kick-off meeting of the public forum series, CT DEEP shared a terrific video about climate change impacts in CT. Check out UConn's Connecticut’s Climate for 2050.