Thanks to you, there were a multitude of Earth Day activities offered all over the state last weekend. From hikes to clean-ups, trail building to concerts, kids activities to paper shredding ... Connecticut communities embraced the message of Earth Day with enthusiasm, creativity, and good fun. Indeed, with so many options, it was hard to decide which celebration to attend.

Our daughter, Anna, has autism. Her vocabulary is very limited; and what words she can say are difficult for most people to understand, except one: “Outside!”

No matter what the weather conditions, Anna’s favorite activity is to be outside swinging as high as possible. So when it was time for me to decide how I would celebrate Earth Day, Anna made the choice for me! She took me by the hand, headed for the door, and clearly and emphatically said, “Outside!”.  It was perfect.

Earth Day is a reminder that for ourselves, our kids, and for generations to come, having places to experience the simple joy of playing outside is a gift worth fighting to protect every single day. 
Thanks for making every day, Earth Day.
Amy Blaymore Paterson, Esq.
Executive Director


Anna Outside
P.S. With less than two weeks left in the state legislative session, there is still more you can do to help advance land conservation.