Pretend you are in 4th grade

Early this past month, I happily accepted an invitation by Norwalk Land Trust President John Moeling to tour NLT's 16 acre Farm Creek Preserve. In preparation of our walk, John told me to wear comfortable shoes, long pants and sleeves and, most importantly, to pretend I was in 4th grade. 

A diversity of habitats exist within the preserve, including wooded glens, open meadows, and a tidal estuary teeming with plant and animal life - making it an ideal outdoor classroom. Since 2010 several thousand 4th graders from Norwalk public schools have visited the preserve, with NLT providing an experiential component to the schools' science curriculum. 

According to John, environmental responsibility is the core message delivered to the students experiencing the preserve's multiple habitats.

After exploring the historic stone barn that serves as an indoor classroom, we wandered the trails, with John quietly guiding me through various aspects of the curriculum as if I was one of his students. 
The walk was fun, interesting and exciting - it's no wonder NLT's education program is so successful. 

The biggest thrill for me? Watching the sand undulate from the hundreds of crabs exposed by the low tide. 

At that moment, I might as well have been back in the 4th grade!

Enjoy the wonders of nature this fall and always -- 

With warmest regards,

Photo of students at the Farm Creek Preserve courtesy of the Norwalk Land Trust.