Atwood Farm - Honoring the History of Preserved Land

10/27/15 - Amy B. Paterson
Last week, the CLCC Steering Committee got together for our Annual Retreat, focusing on CLCC's Strategic Planning. It was an exciting discussion. Strategic planning by its very nature is forward thinking -- a process of envisioning a desired future and direction for your organization...

Pretend you are in 4th grade

9/24/15 - Amy B. Paterson
Early this past month, I happily accepted an invitation by Norwalk Land Trust President John Moeling to tour NLT's 16 acre Farm Creek Preserve.

Turning Your Ideas Into Action

8/13/15 - Amy B. Paterson
Have you attended a CLCC Regional Land Trust Summit? If so, you know that these roundtables are a fun and informal opportunity...


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