Turning Your Ideas Into Action

8/13/15 - Amy B. Paterson
Have you attended a CLCC Regional Land Trust Summit? If so, you know that these roundtables are a fun and informal opportunity...

Our Cup Runneth Over!

7/24/15 - Amy B. Paterson
Yesterday, we were very honored when the Governor handed CLCC Executive Director Amy B. Paterson the original signed bill...

Fostering Connections ... It's What We Do

07/06/15 - Amy B. Paterson
In celebration of CT Trails Weekend (June 6, 2015), I joined a group of enthusiastic conservationists on a beautiful paddle to Peach Island ...

"Capitol"- izing on Earth Day

4/29/15 - Amy B. Paterson
The Connecticut Land Conservation Council was well represented at the Capitol on Earth Day this year, taking advantage of opportunities...


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