Let the Land do the Talking

2/22/15 - Amy B. Paterson
Often times the most effective way to communicate the value of your conservation work is to use no words at all.

1/31/15 - 10 degrees C

2/9/15 - Amy B. Paterson
How do you get warm on a really cold day? Get outside and move around! Today we joined the Wintonbury Land Trust on a snowshoe hike at their Speer Preserve. It was a great way...

Introducing Juan Martinez

1/19/15 - Amy B. Paterson
What's your motivation for supporting land conservation? For most of us, the passion we feel for conservation is deeply rooted and often relates to a connection...

A Dream Office

12/24 - Amy B. Paterson
As fiscal sponsors go, the Connecticut Forest & Park Association (CFPA) is an overachiever. Of course, that should come as no surprise to those of you that know the folks at CFPA...


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