NFA Meadow Project

09/26/17 - Courtesy Post by Harvey Pessin, Newtown Forest Association
We are always looking for outreach projects, and we are also always looking for land management projects were we can lead by example...

Just Another Day at the Best Job Ever

9/29/17 - Amy B. Paterson
Yesterday afternoon, I attended a Litchfield Hills Greenprint Collaborative meeting where I was treated to a demonstration of their awesome interactive map portal...

Stronger Together

8/22/17 - Amy B. Paterson
CLCC's Acceptance Speech for the Connecticut Community Foundation Trustees' Award for Excellence in Collaboration delivered at the awards ceremony on August 1, 2017.

With Appreciation to Mary Anne Guitar

8/8/17 - Amy B. Paterson
Mary Anne Guitar, longtime president and one of the founders of the Redding Land Trust, passed away at age 95 on July 18. Also a former Redding First Selectwoman and state leader in land conservation, Mary Anne was active in the Redding Land Trust right up to the end, including sending an inspirational welcome video at the land trust’s last annual meeting.

Finding Clarity

7/24/17 - Amy B. Paterson
Recently, while driving to a land trust celebration in Goshen, I felt burdened by a vague gloom...


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