Let's Make Some Noise!

5/16/17 - Amy B. Paterson
CLCC has been busy at the Capitol taking advantage of every opportunity to spread the message to our legislators...

The stakes have never been higher

4/21/17 - Amy B. Paterson
Yesterday, the Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) released Environmental Quality in Connecticut 2016, its annual report on the condition of the state's air, water, land and wildlife...


3/31/17 - Amy B. Paterson
On March 18, approximately 450 conservationists joined us for our 33rd annual Connecticut Land Conservation Conference. If you were in attendance, thank you! We had a great time...

What a Great Way to Start the Day

2/27/17 - Amy B. Paterson
True story. Earlier this week, I had a date with Bolton Land Trust President Gwen Marrion and Treasurer Laurie Brooks to take a sunrise hike at Heritage Park. While driving to the park and listening to the news, my mind wandered and I missed the park entrance completely...


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