CT Land Trusts are Doing Amazing Work!

7/21/17 - Amy B. Paterson
You are doing amazing work! And we at the Connecticut Land Conservation Council (CLCC) are working hard to assist you with your projects, advertise your success, and provide the support your organization needs to achieve its land conservation goals...

Introducing Jordan Giaconia

6/26/17 - Amy B. Paterson
We've reached another exciting milestone at the Connecticut Land Conservation Council...

Let's Make Some Noise!

5/16/17 - Amy B. Paterson
CLCC has been busy at the Capitol taking advantage of every opportunity to spread the message to our legislators...

The stakes have never been higher

4/21/17 - Amy B. Paterson
Yesterday, the Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) released Environmental Quality in Connecticut 2016, its annual report on the condition of the state's air, water, land and wildlife...


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