Celebrating Lisa Lane Farm

10/24/16 - Amy B. Paterson
I first learned about the Lisa Lane Farm in 2014 when I was researching Community Investment Act* success stories...

The Green Geek Squad

September 16, 2016 - Amy B. Paterson
Every summer since 2012, CLCC has convened a Summer Focus Group - a consultant-led roundtable intended to provide peer-to-peer networking for a group of individuals serving in a similar capacity in diverse land trusts from across the state...

A Call to Action

8/4/2016 - Amy B. Paterson
Last week we sent out a call to action to contact Governor Malloy and ask him to release bond funding for two critical DEEP open space programs (OSWA and RNHT)...

Something to Talk About!

6/27/2016 - Amy B. Paterson
Connecticut's land conservation community is doing amazing work! Of course, that's not news to us. We follow your projects...

Great Work by a Great Group!

5/20/2016 - Amy B. Paterson
This past Wednesday evening was pretty special. After 18 months of meetings, workshops, site visits, coaching, drafting (and re-drafting), and lots and lots of discussion, we wrapped up CLCC's first ever CT Land Trust Advancement Initiative...


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