Take Action to Protect the CIA!

Governor’s Biennial Budget includes 50% cut to the Community Investment Act

Yesterday, Governor Malloy released the FY 2018-2019 CT State Budget and among items of concern for the conservation community is the proposed continuation of the 50% cut to Community Investment Act  (CIA) funds over the course of the next biennial budget. The 50% cut to the CIA was to sunset on June 30, 2017.  However, under the proposed biennial budget the cut will be extended to June 30, 2019, raising serious concerns about the future of the fund.

Please take action to oppose these cuts!

Action needed:
1.  This week! Please contact your state legislators and ask them to oppose cuts to the CIA and to communicate their opposition to the leadership of their respective parties. (Please send us a copy of your email:  abpaterson@ctconservation.org)
  • Find your state legislators' contact information HERE.
  • Talking points are below.
2.  Next week (2/17)! Details coming soon. On Friday, February 17 (4:30pm), the Appropriations Committee will hold a public hearing on the budget. This is an important opportunity to email testimony voicing opposition to continued cuts to the CIA as well as other budget cuts including those impacting  CT DEEP, including State Parks, and the Council on Environmental Quality (which was appropriated ZERO funds in the proposed budget).  

3.  Save the Date for CIA Day (3/8)! Details coming soon.  

Talking Points in Support of the Community Investment Act

  • The CIA is a Dedicated Fund:  The CIA was established as a DEDICATED REVENUE SOURCE OUTSIDE OF THE BUDGET to provide consistent funding for reinvestment into our communities for open space, farmland/dairy support, historic properties, and affordable housing programs. 
  • The CIA Benefits all Communities:  Funded through a $40 surcharge on local recording fees, the CIA has invested over $153 million for 1,400 projects across all four sectors in 168 Connecticut towns -- and the numbers continue to increase!
  • The CIA is Critical to Land Conservation:  The CIA is the only consistent source of funding for the Open Space & Watershed Land Acquisition Grant Program (OSWA).  The continued cuts to CIA funds means less money available for the current grant round (applications submitted as of February 2) and future rounds of the OSWA program.
  • The CIA is an Economic Driver:  CIA investments boost local and state economies (projects have contributed to the viability of the $873 million outdoor recreation industry and the $3.5 billion agricultural industry).
  • The CIA Leverages $$$:  CIA investments leverage millions of matching funds.
  • The CIA = Jobs!  CIA projects have created over 3,000 jobs in affordable housing and historic preservation, and over 28,000 jobs in the agricultural industry.
  • Visit the CIA website for more information.

Thank you for taking action!

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