They depend on us too

Check out this cutie! Fledgling

This fledging was hopping around my yard, strutting his/her stuff, with Mom and Dad watching nearby.  After securing my dogs -- whose presence had stirred the parents into a loud and threatening frenzy -- I returned to check on this baby. Within just a few minutes, the family was nowhere in sight. 

Although weeks ago, I still wonder and worry about the fate of this little one.

Fledgings, fawns, bear cubs ... they are all around us this time of year. They depend on their parents to get them going on the tenuous path towards independence.  

They depend on us too. 

These babies remind us how important your conservation work is to protecting the land and water that they and all wildlife need to survive and thrive.  

Thank you for all you do for their future and ours. 

Wishing you a very happy July 4th holiday. 

Sincerely,Amy and dogs

 Amy Signaure

Amy Blaymore Paterson, Esq.  
Executive Director

P.S. In between snapping the photo and returning to check on the bird, I found some insight into what to do/not to do if you find a baby bird from this article from National Audubon Society.