The time to be fearless is now!


During his opening remarks at the National Land Trust Conference (Rally) in Pittsburgh, Land Trust Alliance President Andrew Bowman shared the Columbia Land Trust's "Fearless Conservation Campaign”. Serving Washington and Oregon, the Columbia Land Trust describes this as a “bold agenda for science-based, community driven stewardship", outlining their short and long-term plans to protect the most important places in the Northwest.

I was inspired.

These are perilous times for our natural environment. We must be strong and vocal in our fight to keep land conservation front-and-center at the local, state, and federal levels — as well as in the minds of people across the state. 

On November 6, we have a historic opportunity to do just that.

The passage of Ballot Question #2 will ensure a comprehensive and transparent process to protect public lands and send a strong message that Connecticut residents care deeply about our land, water and other natural resources.

To quote our friends at Columbia Land Trust:

“To succeed in protecting nature, amidst the daunting challenges of our time, we need more people to band together.”

November 6 is our chance to be fearless!

Let’s get this done! 


Amy Blaymore Paterson, Esq.
Executive Director

The "Fearless Conservation" banner is a photo I took of a slide from Andrew Bowman's powerpoint presentation. A big thanks to the Columbia Land Trust for inspiring us with their campaign.