Urgent! Come to Capitol 5/7 at 10am to Save SJ35!

Land Conservation Advocates
Your Public Lands Need you AT the Capitol!
SJ35 is at Risk!


This is an URGENT request to come to the Capitol on Monday morning (tomorrow, 5/7) by 10:00am to save SJ 35, Senate Joint Resolution 35: “Resolution Proposing an Amendment to the State Constitution to Protect Real Property Held or Controlled by the State”.

UPDATE ON SJ35: Thanks to your dedication, persistence, and passion for public lands, there are now 69 bi-partisan co-sponsors for SJ 35, and there are several more Legislators expressing support.

But without a big turnout MONDAY morning AT the Capitol, this tremendous effort and bi-partisan show of support may not have been enough!

Last night, SJ 35 was brought to the floor of the Senate, but debate was cut-off abruptly by Senate leadership in response to a late session amendment that threatens, intentionally or not, to kill SJ 35.

Senators who support SJ 35 have asked for a big presence at the Capitol tomorrow to show how many people care about protecting public lands.

Action: Join us at the Capitol TOMORROW at 10:00am to show your support for protecting public lands and to help defeat this last minute amendment to SJ35!

  • At 10:00am, we will meet at the top of the escalators that bring visitors into the Capitol from the Legislative Office Building, and then we’ll walk up to the Senate chamber together.
  • We will help you look for your State Senator to give them two messages in person: 1) please support SJ 35; and 2) please oppose any late session amendments to SJ 35.
  • If you are unable to come to the Capitol, please be sure to call or email your State Senator TODAY to make sure your message is heard.
  • Directions to the Capitol >>
  • View more information on SJ 35 >>

Now is the time!

As you know, the issue of protecting public lands against being sold, swapped, or given away without appropriate public input has been thoroughly debated over the past 3 years in the General Assembly. Offering a late session amendment that was not debated through the public hearing process is unfair and unnecessary.

Please join us tomorrow at the Capitol at 10:00am to show your support for your public lands and help bring SJ35 across the finish line this year!



Amy Blaymore Paterson, Executive Director

P.S. Thanks to our friends at CFPA for information for this alert and for their continued partnership and leadership in support of SJ35.





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