What a Great Way to Start the Day

True story.  Earlier this week, I had a date with Bolton Land Trust President Gwen Marrion and Treasurer Laurie Brooks to take a sunrise hike at Heritage Park.  While driving to the park and listening to the news, my mind wandered and I missed the park entrance completely. 

In my haste, I attempted a U-turn and wound up in a snow-filled ditch. (Note to self:  don't try that again with a Prius).  Unable to dig the car out, I was about to call AAA when a passerby stopped, rigged up a tow and saved the day.

We began our hike just 20 minutes behind schedule, in time to watch the sun rise.  Any stress I was feeling was gone almost as soon as I started walking.

Despite the uncertainties underlying the world's news, thanks to the kindness of a stranger, the company of friends who share my love for the land, and the incredible healing power of nature, that early morning outing in Bolton left me feeling calm, happy and optimistic.

What a great way to start the day.

I look forward to sharing our commitment to the land and optimism for the future with you on March 18


With warmest regards,

With Laurie Brooks and Gwen Marrion, Heritage Park, Bolton (2/21/17)