Windsor Voters Turnout to Unanimously Save Open Space


Citizens have voted! With standing room only and the crowd spilling into the hallways, voters came out to declare their support for preserving 95 acres of open space on Pigeon Hill Road. The groundswell support and public response bear testament to a growing affirmation among voters for protecting the Environment and natural landscape. Situated between Pigeon Hill Road and Mack Street and formerly known as Traditions Golf course, the parcel will become passive open space for walking, hiking, cross-country skiing, and enjoyment of pastoral surroundings. It marks a giant step to sustain the continuity of Mill Brook (which flows into the Farmington River), and a network of streams and ponds, protect natural resources, wildlife corridors and variety of trees and grassland.

The cost of acquiring the land will be met by $1,086.00 million awarded from the State's Open Space and Watershed Land Acquisition (OSWA) grant program, $675,000 from the Town's Open Space Fund, and $375 ,000 from the Town's General Fund Unassigned Fund Balance. It offers an addition boon in that it will not require borrowing.

Preserving the environment is gaining recognition as a way to enrich town coffers and serve the interests of human health. Even in fiscally challenging times, extensive data has documented that conservation naturally maintains water quality and resources, reduces runoff and controls flooding that would otherwise require tax dollars to offset mpacts. Open space vegetation and trees filter pollutants and wildlife contributes to diversity and balance.

Kudos to the throng of voters who turned out Monday night. A deserving pat on the back to members of the Windsor Town Council, the Town Manager and the Planning Department. Also thank you to The Trust for Public Land (TPL) for helping to raise funds and TPL Honor Lawler and Kelly Boling, Governor Malloy and OSWA members, the Windsor Conservation Commission (WCC) for its assistance, and all members of the Windsor Land Trust (especially Sam Hinckley and Frank Davis) for tirelessly working to preserve treasured spaces and now the Mill Brook corridor.

Ann Beaudin
Windsor, CT