You got it done, Connecticut!


Their public lands are better protected ... thanks to you! 


Ballot Question #2 Approved! 

It was a long time coming, but thanks to YOU, Connecticut's State Parks, Forests, Wildlife Management Areas, State-owned farmland, and other valuable public lands are better protected.

The passage of Question #2 brings accountability and transparency to the Connecticut General Assembly's land conveyance process.

The passage of Question #2 ensures you have a voice in what happens to your public land.

The passage of Question #2 underscores your willingness to speak up and fight hard to protect the state's land, water and other natural, historic and cultural resources.

The passage of Question #2 is a testament to your steadfast commitment to taking action NOW for the benefit of your kids and theirs.

For your fearless dedication, passion and foresight, future generations will look back with gratitude.

You got it done, Connecticut! Congratulations!

Amy Blaymore Paterson
Executive Director

Photo courtesy of Seth Lemmons; Creative Commons


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