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Working together we build trust

Earlier this summer, I received an invitation from dedicated conservationist and longtime CLCC advisor, Humphrey Tyler, to join a small group of kayakers pulling invasive water chestnuts from the lower Connecticut River. Pulling, bagging, and hauling these insidious aquatic invasives was a wet, dirty, and tiring experience. I loved every minute of it!

Most of us had never met, but we quickly bonded over a common purpose and a shared love of the environment. While focused on the task at hand, we learned about one another’s jobs, hobbies, families, and politics.

As we paddled and pulled, we shared success stories, pointed out land acquisition opportunities, and discussed the many challenges to local conservation efforts that are essential to protecting the overall health of the river and region.

We started the paddle as strangers and ended it as friends. Being out in nature has a way of doing that.

During my ride back home to Vernon, I reflected on our work at the Connecticut Land Conservation Council and how building and maintaining connections is essential to the long-term viability of land conservation in Connecticut. It is at the core of everything we do.

It’s being relentless in our pursuit of stronger policies and funding programs that advance land conservation at every level. It’s engaging in conversations that may be uncomfortable and unfamiliar in the context of the work we do. It’s ensuring that land trusts are equipped with the resources they need to be impactful in their communities for the long haul. It’s demanding that all people have access to and feel welcome in nature.

By working together, we build trust, learn from one another, foster collective efficiencies, and extend the reach of land trusts beyond organizational and political boundaries to connect more people, conserve more land, empower new conservation leaders, and build stronger communities – all while making new friends along the way.

We are proud of our accomplishments, motivated by challenges, and energized by the many opportunities to strengthen land conservation that await. Thank you for your partnership. We look forward to engaging with you in the months ahead.


Amy Blaymore Paterson

Amy Blaymore Paterson
Executive Director

with her two Dogs
Common loon bird spreading wings on a pond
Tom Ouellette

“In the world we live in today, we need things that draw us together as opposed to tearing us apart, and nature is that. So, as you move through the world, let [nature] be your compass and let that be what guides you.”

Herb Virgo, Executive Director, Keney Park Sustainability Project

Financial Review

2022 Impact Report

Thanks to you, conservation is a community we all share

As a community-supported nonprofit, the Connecticut Land Conservation Council relies on the generosity of people like you; those who love the land, want to make sure that our communities have healthy places to live, work and play, understand the role that land plays in mitigating climate change, and are committed to ensuring that people from all walks of life grow up to cherish these places, like you do.

Thank you to the hundreds of people, foundations, land trusts, and partners who supported the technical assistance, mentorship, policy work, and educational gatherings CLCC hosted in 2022. Together, we are stronger and our journey to conserve land and water for generations to come, has never been more important.

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