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A Moment that Continues to Resonate

Back in April, when Senior Project Specialist Yaw Owusu Darko scrambled to organize a CLCC Bird & Hike program on short notice, I couldn’t understand why. Typically, these events are planned months in advance. Yet, Yaw had just a few days to put together a bird walk for middle school students in collaboration with Keney Park Sustainability Project and Leadership Greater Hartford.

It wasn’t until the day of the event that I discovered the reason behind the urgency. These students had recently lost a friend to a tragic shooting in Hartford. This act of violence not only shattered a family but also sent shockwaves through the city and our entire state.

As I observed Yaw guiding these young people through their first birding experience, I witnessed the transformative power of nature. The teacher accompanying the students expressed how crucial this event was for helping them work through their trauma. Walking in the woods, learning how to use binoculars, listening for birds, touching tree bark, and holding a newt — the students found solace in these simple activities, momentarily escaping the pain they carried within.

CLCC’s work with land trusts and communities across the state is possible because of your commitment to strengthening land conservation. That makes a significant difference, and we are deeply grateful for your unwavering support. Thank you for being an integral part of CLCC
and for believing in the transformative power of nature.


Amy Blaymore Paterson

Amy Blaymore Paterson
Executive Director

with her two Dogs
Group of students sitting on a log in the woods looking through binoculars

“Experiences like this one remind me of the importance of ensuring that nature and the benefits it provides are accessible to everyone, everywhere—now and for future generations to come.”

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2023 Updates & Highlights

Thanks to you, conservation is a community we all share

As a community-supported nonprofit, the Connecticut Land Conservation Council relies on the generosity of people like you; those who love the land, want to make sure that our communities have healthy places to live, work and play, understand the role that land plays in mitigating climate change, and are committed to ensuring that people from all walks of life grow up to cherish these places, like you do.

Thank you to the hundreds of people, foundations, land trusts, and partners who supported the technical assistance, mentorship, policy work, and educational gatherings CLCC hosted in 2023. Together, we are stronger and our journey to conserve land and water for generations to come, has never been more important.