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Experts at what they do, CLCC’s advisors work hard progressing and enhancing the work of the conservation community

In its early years, a 19-person steering committee led CLCC, building a strong foundation for a statewide organization for the land conservation community. Our committee members had a depth of knowledge about land conservation in Connecticut, represented geographically diverse parts if the state, and brought real added value to CLCC as it worked to achieve its mission to ensure the long term strength and viability of land conservation in the state.

When CLCC formally became a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in 2017, members from our Steering Committee continued as members of the Advisory Council, a group of individuals whose wisdom and expertise we continue to trust to advance the legacy of the work from our organization's earliest leaders.

Advisory Council

David Sutherland
CLCC founding member 
Equity Coach

Accredited Land Trust Working Group

Amanda Branson
Northwest CT Land Conservancy

Sharon Feeley
Flanders Land Trust & Nature Center

Connie Manes
Kent Land Trust