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U.S. Department of Agriculture - Natural Resources Conservation Service

2023 Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) Sub-Accounts

Agriculture, Environmental, Stewardship, Wildlife

The Connecticut USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service is accepting applications for two sub-accounts under the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP). EQIP offers financial and technical assistance to implement conservation practices on eligible agricultural land. It provides payments for implementing practices that have a positive environmental impact, while protecting long-term production and sustainability. The EQIP Program consists of several sub-accounts, including:

  • The Socially Disadvantaged Sub-Account: This one is for applicants who certify as Socially Disadvantaged according to information provided under the National Guidance for Socially Disadvantaged, Beginning, and Limited Resource Farmers/Ranchers, Veteran Farmers. Eligible conservation practices for this sub-account include all practices offered for EQIP. Applicants in this sub-account are eligible for higher practice payment rates.
  • The Wildlife Sub-Account: This sub-account is for applicants who wish to manage existing cropland, forestland, and pasture to best meet wildlife habitat needs, or establish new wildlife habitat areas. EQIP provides payments to restore and manage wildlife habitat through conservation practices such as early successional habitat management, aquatic organism passage, riparian buffers, and conservation cover.

To find out more about EQIP, fill out eligibility forms, or obtain an application, contact your local USDA Service Center: Danielson – (860) 779-0557; Hamden – (203) 287-8038; Norwich – (860) 887-9941; Torrington – (860) 626-8852; Windsor – (860) 688-7725.