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Environmental Justice Collaborative Problem-Solving Grants

Approximately 50 awards for up $500,000 each for CBOs; . Approximately 33 awards for up to $150,000 each for small CBOs with 5 or fewer full-time employees
Approximately $30,000,000
Environmental, Environmental Justice

Exciting news: we just announced $100 million in #EnvironmentalJustice grant funding! This is the largest amount of environmental justice grant funding ever offered by EPA.

$30 million in funding will directly support community based non-profit organizations and their partners – helping communities facing environmental justice issues build strong #partnerships and deliver results.

$70 million will be provided for state and local governments and Tribal Nations to partner with #community based non-profit organizations in their area.

We’re committed to supporting applicants every step of the way. Visit epa.gov/ejgrants for more resources and to sign up for #webinars on the application process.

Eligible entities include: 

  • a community-based nonprofit organization (CBO); or  
  • a partnership of community-based nonprofit organizations * 

* A partnership must be documented with a signed Letter of Commitment from the community-based nonprofit organization detailing the parameters of the partnership, as well as the role and responsibilities of the partnering community-based organizations.