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Northeastern IPM Center

IPM Partnership Grants Program

Approximately $200,000 (total)
Agriculture, Climate Change, Education, Environmental

Projects funded through the IPM Partnership Grants Program must further the mission of the Northeastern IPM Center, address or identify IPM Priorities for the Northeast, and benefit the region at large.

The efforts of the Center are organized under six Signature Programs and four cross-cutting issues where our leadership and advisory bodies see the greatest need. At present, the areas of focus for the programs are (not in order of priority)

  • Community IPM
  • IPM and Organic Systems
  • Climate Change and Pests
  • Pollinators
  • Next Generation Education
  • Advanced Production Systems

The four cross-cutting issues are

  • Diversity in IPM
  • Emerging Invasive Species
  • Pesticide Resistance
  • Economics

Funded projects are expected to contribute significantly to the adoption and/or development of IPM in one or more Signature Program while addressing one or more cross-cutting issue through the following:

  • Forming partnerships among growers, scientists, educators, environmental groups, governmental agencies, and other audiences for the purpose of advancing IPM
  • Increasing knowledge about pests and how to manage them in traditional and new settings
  • Establishing or addressing regional IPM priorities for research and extension
  • Teaching others how to use IPM to decrease risks associated with pest management
  • Developing capacity for growing food sustainably using IPM