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Urban & Community Forestry Inflation Reduction Act

up to $1 Billion

The Inflation Reduction Act provides up to $1.5 billion for Urban and Community Forestry investments that foster:

  • increased and equitable access to urban tree canopy and associated human health, environmental, and economic benefits in disadvantaged communities,
  • broadened community engagement in local urban forest planning, tree planting, and management activities, and
  • improved community and urban forest resilience to climate change, extreme heat, forest pests and diseases, and storm events through best management and maintenance practices.

About the Urban and Community Forestry Program

The USDA Forest Service Urban & Community Forestry Program is a technical, financial, and educational assistance program,  delivering nature-based solutions to ensure a resilient and equitable tree canopy where more than 84 percent of Americans live.  It is the only dedicated urban forest program in the federal government.

The UCF Program assists State Forestry agencies and partner organizations in addressing and applying nature-based solutions to chronic and emergent economic, social, and environmental challenges in communities across the United States by providing direct funding to communities and especially to communities experiencing low urban tree canopy, dead and hazardous tree conditions, extreme heat and severe flooding, and limited awareness of or access to green job workforce to help them:

  • Become more resilient to climate change
  • Combat extreme heat with the cooling effects of increased urban tree canopy
  • Experience improved forest health conditions and safer access to tree benefits
  • Attain broadened exposure and access to environmental career pathways.