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Crew photo in front of planted nut trees

Brett Lehner has always had an interest in hardwood nut trees. Looking for a local property to start his Agroforestry Demonstration Project, Lehner approached the Newtown Forest Association (NFA) last fall with a request to install nut trees at one of their meadows.

Lehner began this project in Summer 2017, when he and a friend rode their bikes from Seattle to Madison, CT to raise funds from family, friends, and individuals they met along the way. After considering this opportunity, the NFA board said, “Yes, forest is our middle name!” and approved two acres of open space at its Holcombe Hill property for the project.

The project started on November 7th with volunteers planting 30 self-reliant varieties of nut trees of historical significance to the New England ecosystem. As this forest grows to maturity, it will be a proof of concept forest to inspire landowners throughout New England.