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Board & Council Members – CT DEEP


Connecticut prioritizes appointing highly qualified residents who reflect the state’s great diversity to our critically important boards and commissions.

For the appointments that the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) makes or recommends, the agency is equally committed to an open, robust, and inclusive process, welcoming applications for these positions from any member of the public.

Please share your talent with DEEP-related boards, commissions and councils by applying on this website. Following are descriptions of all of the boards, councils and commissions for which DEEP has direct appointment authority, and all of the positions (and relevant experience or eligibility criteria) on those boards.  This is not a list of vacant positions; many of these positions are currently filled, but as there are vacancies available DEEP will review the applications received through this posting when considering appointments.

Applying through this system is the first step. DEEP may ask you to provide additional information in consideration of your candidacy.  Feel free to show your interest in more than one entity. Please note that some boards, councils and commissions have ethics and conflict of interest policies that are applicable.

DEEP also administers certain boards and commissions where the agency does not have direct appointment authority, such as the Governor’s Council on Climate Change (GC3). DEEP may refer applications to the relevant appointing authority as appropriate.

This recruitment will be refreshed every three months to allow people to update their application materials with new experiences or to express interest in a new board or commission. Candidates who have already submitted an application will not need to submit another application to future postings to be considered, unless to apply to a different board or commission. DEEP will retain all applications throughout these periodic posting updates.

Deadline: 12/31/24
Hartford, CT