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Conservation Analyst – Town of Westport


RESPONSIBILITIES:  Receives general direction from the Conservation Director and is responsible for a wide range of administrative tasks, inspections and professional analysis which support the department’s administration and maintenance of land-use/inland-wetlands programs, ordinances, codes, and statutes. The position offers opinions and issues analysis reports of environmental impacts on projects of a complex nature within the purview of applicable regulations, ordinances, and statutes. The position may serve as the department’s initial contact with the public and other Town employees regarding departmental records or department functions. Additional tasks assigned as per the job description.

QUALIFICATIONS:  A Master’s Degree in Environmental Science or an equivalent discipline plus eight years’ work experience in a directly related field, or an equivalent combination of work experience, professional certification and accreditations, and education that demonstrates the ability to perform the responsibilities for this position. Please include all professional accreditation or active memberships. Must be familiar with computer software including Microsoft Suite and have the ability to learn specific software related to the Town of Westport. GIS familiarity is also useful. Must have and maintain a valid Driver’s License.

Deadline: 09/30/22
Town of Westport
Westport, CT