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Director of Conservation Programs – Mohonk Preserve


The Director of Conservation Programs is a senior-level manager and member of the Mohonk Preserve Leadership Team responsible for providing vision, leadership and oversight for the Preserve’s conservation initiatives. The Director is responsible for strategic planning, managing, budgeting, and implementation of the Preserve’s conservation programs, which include staff specialized in land protection and conservation science.

As Director you will oversee all research partnerships, scientific observations and applied management programs to ensure that the Preserve’s scientific data, resources, capacity, and expertise are leveraged to have maximum impact on the organization’s mission and goals. The Director also oversees all aspects of the Preserve’s acquisition and ownership of land and land rights and is responsible for assuring that the Preserve’s boundaries are legally understood and protected. The Director actively promotes interdepartmental collaboration and leads interdepartmental projects involving climate change, advocacy and other topics.

The Director need not have expertise in the full range of activities undertaken by the department. The Preserve’s land protection and conservation science staff are experienced professionals with deep expertise in their fields.

The Director of Conservation Programs reports to the President & CEO.

Deadline: 05/26/23
Mohonk Preserve
Gardiner, NY