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Forest Program Associate – Audubon CT/NY


The Forest Program Associate will help implement forest conservation efforts as part of the Healthy Forests Initiative – a critical component to Audubon’s Working Lands conservation strategy. Specifically, this position will help deliver outcomes associated with grants from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, US Forest Service, and Natural Resources Conservation Service, as well as other related programmatic work.

The Forest Program Associate will support the development of habitat management plans and conduct outreach and education programs that target forest owners and managers, both public and private, to promote sustainable forest management techniques that create and improve habitat required by priority forest bird species (Prairie Warbler, Golden-winged warbler, American Woodcock, Black-throated Blue Warbler, Cerulean Warbler, and Wood Thrush).

They will also assist with training foresters on bird-friendly management practices, conduct field assessments, develop habitat management recommendations for forest owners and land trusts, and work with foresters and other land managers to implement forest management.

A key contributor to forest work within the Atlantic Flyway, the Forest Program Associate will work closely with forest program staff in CT, NY, and other Audubon state and regional programs. Additionally, this position will collaborate with partners, organizations, and agencies that share Audubon’s forest conservation objectives.

Deadline: 01/22/22
Audubon CT/NY
Remote with ability to travel