2019 Winners

The Diana Atwood Johnson Photo Contest

Congratulations 2019 Winners

The Connecticut Land Conservation Council (CLCC) in partnership with the CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) are pleased to announce the winners of The Diana Atwood Johnson Photo Contest.

A huge thank you to our judges for their time to look at each photo! We would also like to thank the many people who submitted a photo for consideration.

Contest Details

Both amateur and professional photographers are welcome to submit photos. All photos must feature a property from the Open Space and Watershed Land Acquisition (OSWA) Grant Program.

Diana Atwood Johnson

The Diana Atwood Johnson Photo Contest is named in honor of Diana Atwood Johnson, an avid birder and accomplished amateur bird photographer.

Overall Winner — "Best in Show"

Bluestem Hurlbut Field

Big Bluestem Hurlbut Field

Shelley Harms

This photo was taken at Hurlbut Field, protected by Winchester Land Trust

Hurlbut Field is a 38-acre property with 14 acres of grassland and a forest that slopes down to the shores of Lake Winchester. It was WLT’s first big land acquisition project. WLT bought the property from Phil and Marion Hurlbut in 2009 with the help of a State OSWA grant.

Over several years, WLT planted native grasses and waited for them to grow in, and created a loop trail across the field and through the woods to the lake. WLT cuts the field every year after August 1, and works to control the invasive bittersweet and multiflora rose that grows along its edges.

Hurlbut Field is a great place to see bobolinks, wild turkeys, monarch butterflies, and other wildlife. It is WLT’s most popular hiking spot.

Runner Up

Sprague Land Preserve Beaver Dam Area

Sprague Land Preserve Beaver Dam Area view from Watson Portion

David Heg

This photo was taken at Watson Property, protected by the Sprague Land Preserve

This photo was taken in November 2018. Slightly down from the Beaver Dam in the preserve is this area of wetlands that has been created by our beaver friends. This photo was taken from the Watson portion of the preserve as the sun slowly rose above the tree line on a cool autumn morning.

People — Runner Up

woods with blue sky as sun shines through

Anstett Property

Gina White

This photo was taken at Anstett Property, protected by the Goshen Land Trust

The 78-acre property has been protected by Goshen Land Trust since April 2012. Forest land, located on the eastern part of property, is home to abundant wildlife, as well as hiking trails and bird watching.

Previous Winners

flock of birds flying

Photos by Diana Atwood Johnson (1946-2018)