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Anne-Sophie Pagé

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Anne-Sophie Pagé

BVSc, Environmental Activist

Anne-Sophie Pagé is an environmentalist and veterinarian from the distant shores of Aotearoa New Zealand. At 25 years old, there are two priorities in her life. The first fostering emotional connections between individuals and the environment in the hope of developing a holistic sense of kaitiakitanga (environmental guardianship) in the face of climate change and the second using her knowledge as a veterinarian to assist in mitigating the biodiversity crisis. Having worked with wildlife for the majority of her life, including the magnificent royal albatross and some of the rarest species of penguins and sea lions on Earth, she has witnessed firsthand the devastating impacts caused or influenced by people, either directly or indirectly currently being imposed on our environment.

In recent years, Anne-Sophie has sailed the Pacific with a team of revolutionary scientists monitoring the state of our oceans in conjunction with the Sir Peter Blake Trust and Tara Ocean Foundation. She has sat with world leaders and voiced her concerns at the APEC Summit in Vietnam and at the United Nations in New York, lived out in the African bush dehorning rhino in an effort to combat the poaching crisis, voyaged down to the Sub-Antarctic Islands on advocacy missions for the Enderby Trust and researched penguin population dynamics in remote Patagonia.

She has sat on the New Zealand UNESCO Youth Reference Panel and served a three-year term on the New Zealand Conservation Board advising the Minister of Conservation on environmental issues. Over the past summer, she was the lead veterinarian on an annual expedition down to the Sub-Antarctic region conducting mortality studies on the critically endangered New Zealand sea lion and has recently been appointed as a director of the Tasmanian Wildlife Hospital.

She is about to embark on a three-year residency in wildlife pathology which will enable her to conduct wide scale health assessments of declining populations and influence management changes. Anne-Sophie is a published writer, accomplished photographer and has worked as a wildlife guide for seven years whilst completing her university studies. She currently resides on the North West Coast of Tasmania, Australia and fills her spare time hiking, sailing and scuba diving. To learn more about her environmental experiences and perspectives check out her website: www.green-angst.com